Arts and Multimedia Library’s May program

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Alexandria, 16 May 2005—The month of May witnesses a colorful program organized by the Arts and Multimedia Library at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina with documentaries, lectures, and movies.

Within the BA’s celebration of the World Year of Physics 2005, commemorating Einstein and the year 1905, when he published his five major papers on the special theory of relativity, Brownian motion and the quantum theory, the Arts and Multimedia Library is presenting documentaries on Einstein entitled "The Einstein Revealed", "A. Einstein: How I see the world", and "Einstein’s wife".

Moreover, lectures on music and operas will be held, including "The marriage of Figaro", "The Magic Flute", and "Mozart’s Instrumental Music".

The program also includes the films: "Troy" and the Arabic film,"Sheque men el khoff" (Partial fear).

Explore the detailed program: