Electronic Indexing Project at BA Manuscript Center

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The BA Manuscript Center, in cooperation with the Manuscripts Museum Department, is working on indexing all of its possessions as part of its electronic indexing project. The project includes indexing all of the collections held by the BA, whether they are original or photocopied. The project will provide a comprehensive database of all the Center’s manuscripts.

Electronic indexing enables researchers to take in all the components of the manuscript (physical, technical, documentary). It also gives them a chance to search for manuscript titles and the names of their authors, whether they are inside or outside the BA. It also provides important information about the digital content of the manuscripts when it comes to the number of manuscripts in every scientific field, the manuscript’s physical condition, and the number of copies available. The researcher can quickly access the manuscript and browse it electronically.

The BA Manuscript Center’s Indexing Unit has electronically indexed 276 of the Wellcome Trust Library’s Arabic manuscripts concerning different fields, such as medicine, chemistry, history, sharia science, and humanities.