"Female Storytelling" in a Workshop at the BA

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The BA Women Studies and Social Transformation Program (WSST), and the Children and Young People’s Libraries – in cooperation with the National Council for Women, the UNHCR, CARE Egypt Foundation, and Caritas-Egypt – are organizing a workshop and theatrical performance, from 28 November to 10 December 2022. The 4-day workshop aims to discover the skills and strengths of female participants, by training them to use acting, writing and storytelling skills to help them express their problems and break free from their effects that hinder their social and economic progress.

This event comes within the framework of the activities of the 16-day campaign to fight violence against women, and based on the mission which the BA aspires to achieve in various societal fields, in order to improve women’s conditions and raise public awareness about their issues. The BA also believes that the status of women in any society represents the outcome of an interaction between cultural, social, economic, and political factors that are intertwined in a complex way, and that the stability and progress of countries can only be achieved through the active participation of women in the public sphere.