The Release of the Second Edition of the BA Antiquities Museum Catalogue

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina has released the second edition of its Antiquities Museum Catalogue, which depicts the story of the great and ancient city of Alexandria.

The Catalogue takes the reader on a journey through a collection of unique artifacts that cover major historical eras, such as ancient Egypt, and the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, in addition to highlighting the aspects of Coptic and Islamic art. It also features the “Antiquities of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Site” section – which is regarded as the core of the Museum collections, the artifacts of “Nelson Island”, and the remarkable collection of the submerged antiquities of Abu Qir and the Eastern Harbor of Alexandria.

Moreover, the Catalogue features a timeline of Egyptian history, from ancient Egypt (3000 BC) to the Proclamation of the Egyptian Republic in 1953. It also comprises a list of figures, Arabic and non-Arabic bibliographies for each section, a general index, as well as a list of the intellectual property rights to the photos published in the Catalogue.