A Memorandum of Understanding between the BA and the UNHCR

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Dr. Mostafa ElFeki, Director of the Library of Alexandria, together with Mr. Karim Atassi, the UNHCR Representative in Egypt, signed a memorandum of understanding to renew the cooperation between the two entities.


Dr. ElFeki expressed his delight with this cooperation, and asserted that Egypt, over the years, has been one of the most embracing and welcoming countries to refugees of all nationalities. He added that both Egypt and Syria enjoy strong historic relationships, and that Syrians became an integral part of the Egyptian society, and succeeded in establishing several successful projects in the past few years.


Mr. Atassi confirmed that the projects and activities, in which refugees participate, enable them to develop their skills and talents, and help them face their day-to-day challenges. Moreover, in the last four years, both the BA and the UNHCR allowed refugees to take part in different activities, including “Refugees Got Talent” and “Heya” campaigns and “Sawa” project, the latter focuses on volunteering and social initiatives.


Both Dr. ElFeki and Mr. Atassi opened a UNHCR photo exhibition entitled “Past and Present – Refugees’ voice in Egypt” which is open to the public until 9 September in the BA, and will be held afterwards in other governorates.