The Sixth Manuscript Annual Conference

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Alexandria— The BA Manuscripts Center will organize its Sixth Annual Conference entitled “Heritage Publishing” from 5 to 7 May 2009.

Dr. Youssef Zidan, Head of the Manuscript Center and Museum stated that the three-days Conference will invite more than forty Arab and non-Arab researchers, in addition to the participation of specialists in the field such as Syrian Poet Adonis, Scientist Roushdy Rashed, Dr. Hassan Hanafi and Dr, Radwan El-Sayed.

This year’s Conference will discuss several themes, namely: what did we publish here in the Arab/Islamic world? And what did European Orientalsts publish on the other hand? And how the processes of publishing a manuscript became known here and there, or more accurately, there and here. Actually, the primacy of the “there” stems from the fact that European Orientalists were way ahead of us in publishing Arabic heritage, and last but not least, was there ever an overall plan or strategy of publication concerning Arabic/Islamic heritage?

It is worth mentioning that the series of Manuscript Center Conferences started by the Millenary Manuscripts Conference(September 2004); Signed Manuscripts (April 2005); Commentary Manuscripts (May 2006); Translated Manuscripts (May 2007); and Lost and Embedded Manuscript Texts (May 2008).

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