The BA Celebrates the Star of the East and the Diva of Arabic Song

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Alexandria— The BA Arts and Multimedia Library will celebrate the birthday of Om Kolthoum, the Diva of Arabic Song, on Monday 22 December 2008 at 16:00 hrs.

The event commences with a presentation by the BA Arts and Multimedia Library on Om Kolthoum’s personal life. The presentation features pictures and clips of her life. This will be followed by a lecture by Dr. Waleed Shousha, Director of Om Kolthoum’s Museum. Dr. Shousha will take his audience on a visual tour around the museum displaying its most important possessions. He will also give a documented overview of Om Kolthoum’s life from a historical as well as an artistic perspective.

As part of the event, the BA will open an exhibition to display its possessions of Om Kolthoum’s artistic works as well as written materials about her. Through this exhibition, visitors will learn about characters who influenced Om Kolthoum’s life, and how all Arabs were interested in the story of her life.


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