Cultural Events On the Fringe lines of the Sixth Alexandrina International Book Fair

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Alexandria— The BA will organize several cultural events, as part of the Sixth Alexandrina International Book Fair, during the period from 21 February to 5 March 2008, held in Kouta Exhibition Land. Several events will be dedicated to introduce the culture and heritage of Algeria, the Fair’s guest of honor, in addition to several seminar on the occasion of designating Alexandria as the Capital of Islamic Culture for the year 2008.

In the inaugural session, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Twaijri, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) will give a lecture entitled “From Dialogue among Cultures to Alliance of Civilizations: Future Vision”. Several seminars will be also held on the culture of Alexandria during the Islamic age and cultural blend in Alexandria. Speakers will be Professors from the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, during the period 2-4 March 2008.

During the Fair, six cultural days will be devoted to Algeria. On 22 February 2008, Dr. Amar Taleby will speak in a seminar entitled “Glimpses from the Algerian Cultural Heritage”. On 23 February 2008, distinguished Algerian writers, namely: Gamilla Zanir, Idris Bodibh, Poet Youssef Shakra, and Novelist Gamal Foghaly, will speak in a seminar entitled “Approaches to the Contemporary Algerian Literature”. On 24 February 2008, several Algerian men of letters will perform poetic and novel readings.

Two seminars and a poetic evening will be also held, during the period from 28 February to 1 March 2008, as part of the Fair. The first titled “Reflection and Contemplations into the Algerian Cultural Scene” and speakers will be Novelist Gilaly Khalas, and Poets Hakim Milodon, Nureldine Taiby, and Mohamed Zatily. The second titled “Content and Trends of the Algerian Poetic Scene Nowadays” by Writer and Poet Mohamed Zatily and Poets Hakim Miloud and Nureldine Taiby. The Algerian cultural days will conclude with a poetic evening on 1 March 2008, by Poets Hakim Miloud, Nassira Mohamedy,

Mohamed Zatily, and Nureldine Taiby. Writer Youssef Maaty will sign some of his works on 26 February 2008. On 27 February 2008, Writer and Historian Abbas Abu Ghazala will sign his book “Journey of Khedive’s Guests to Egypt” issued by the National Authority for Translation, in a session moderated by Dr. Abdelhalim Nureldine, Professor of Ancient Egyptian Language, Cairo University and Advisor to BA Director.

Dr. Youssef Ziedan, Director of BA Manuscript Museum and Center, will sign Azazeel, his new novel. Etlala Literary Forum will organize, on 25 February 2008, a seminar entitled “Egyptian Culture in the Modern Age”.


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