The Map Library houses a collection of over 7,000 maps covering all parts of the world, with special focus on Alexandria, Egypt, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean. The collection contains maps of various types, including topographic, thematic, and geologic maps as well as world maps, street maps, estate maps, contour maps, transportation and communication maps, facsimile maps, atlases, nautical charts, aeronautical charts, satellite and aerial images, and globes.

One of the most significant maps in the collection is a rare facsimile of Al-Sharif al-Idrissi’s “Map of the Earth” drawn for King Roger II of Sicily in 1154. Another valuable map is the facsimile version of the “Manuscript Chart of the Gulf and Mesopotamia”, which is among the oldest examples of topographical maps of the region.

The Map Library is located on B4 in the Main Library.