The Children’s Library (CH) provides educational, recreational, and cultural resources for children aged 6 to 11. It has a large collection of picture books, story books, nonfictional books, and multimedia materials in several  languages covering a wide range of subjects from art to zoology.

The main objective of the CH is to develop children’s reading, research, and creativity skills through different programs and activities. In addition to the reading area, the CH has a computer lab, an activity room, a storytelling and puppet show corner, and a multimedia corner. A special section is dedicated to children with different types of disabilities. Several activities are offered by the CH staff on a daily basis, such as storytelling, puppet shows, and arts and crafts. Children’s book authors are often invited to read to the children.

The Children's Library also organizes a series of monthly events and lectures for parents and those interested in topics related to childhood. To view the monthly program in Arabic, please click here.

To view the Children's Library Summer Activities Program 2024, please click here.