“Donations” denotes: the numerous and variable cognitive resources—including artistic and personal possessions, or tools and equipment—that are received or given by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) from and to other bodies, and that comply with the general terms and conditions. These donations are considered some of the most important elements that libraries around the world rely on in various supply processes, for these contributions are key resources in establishing libraries’ cognitive, cultural, and artistic collection.


The donor’s confidence in giving donations is built upon the reputation of the receiving organization or library, as well as his trust that the donation will be well maintained, well preserved, and will reach a large number of users who will directly or indirectly benefit from it. Therefore, the BA has been one of the most renowned establishments that regularly receive all forms of material and digital donations of cognitive resources, possessions, tools, and equipment, as donors believe in the BA as a center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge and a place of dialogue, learning, and understanding between cultures and peoples. Accordingly, and for the BA to live up to its donors’ expectations, a general policy had to be established and followed by the BA and the donors in order to maintain that trust.


To view the general terms and conditions of the policy of donations from individuals and institutions, please click here.